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Top Five Bering Watches That You Must Own NOW!

The Inspiration Behind The Bering Time Arctic Design

Bering watches are a treasure inspired by Danish businessman Rene Kaerskov's Arctic jump from a helicopter in 2008. Kaerskov fell in love with the ice cold beauty of the world's most northern point. Upon his return home to Denmark, his description of this beauty captivated the imagination of his business partners. The group dreamed up a line of watches that would attempt to capture the breath-taking Arctic wild as Kaerskov had seen it on that life-changing jump using Danish designs utilizing a minimalist approach and optimal material strength.

What Are Bering Watches Made Of?

These watches use a sapphire crystal glass, which is scratch resistant and will not cloud as so many other less durable brands do, to protect the face of their watches. Using this unique glass enables the watch to truly stand the test of time. Sapphire crystal is less resistant than other common materials used in watch making, such as mineral or quartz glass. The Bering Watches are made even easier to read by the Sapphire Crystal Glass' high translucency and light refraction.

Medical grade surgical stainless steel (316L) gives the watches a cool look, which enhances the pieces' pure, clean look. The trademark glittering is complemented by the steel. A finely brushed or polished finish brings the Arctic feel of these unique watches together.

The slim, ceramic case and bevel merges beautifully with the overall design of the line. Using a fine ceramic powder pressed into a mold, the material manages its durability when it is heated in an oven at 1600 degrees centigrade. After it has cooled off, this special ceramic is sanded, shaped and polished. By the time the process is finished, only a diamond could ruin this unique material.

Though the design is engineered to withstand all sorts of mishaps, sometimes things do happen. Kaerskov's company recognizes this, and backs up their design's durability. As such, a three year warranty guarantees the quality of this unique design.

Made in Rene Kaerskov's native Denmark, the design strives to combine optimal material strength with Danish minimalist design. I am in awe of how this approach manages to capture the beauty of the Arctic wild Rene Kaerskov saw that frigid day in 2008. It truly lives up to the designer's words, "When Arctic Beauty Inspires Every Second." The inspiration for Kaerskov's design is clear in each piece the line has turned out.

Top 5 Bering Watches that we recommend

  • Bering 11937-227 Men's Watch with Blue Dial and Black Stainless Steel Date The blue dial set in the brushed black mesh band of this watch puts me in the mind of the shadows playing across the fields of Arctic snow. With a date sub-dial included on the deep blue dial protected by Sapphire Crystal Glass, luminescent grey hands make time-telling an Arctic adventure. The case is made of brushed black material 37mm in diameter. Perfect for the adventurous man on the go!
    BERING 11937-227 Men's Watch BERING 11937-227 Men's Watch
  • Bering 32426-765 Women's Watch with Brown Mother-of-Pearl with Rose Gold and Brown Ceramic and crystal Reminiscent of the sun reflecting off the Arctic snow, this watch is made of Swarovski/Rose Gold steel bezel offsetting a brown Mother of Pearl dial with a band made of stainless steel. An analog dial boasts rose gold markers with baton style hands, all protected by Sapphire Crystal Glass. The 14mm bracelet bears a butterfly clasp for that extra ease in securing the watch to the wrist, with a stainless steel case 26mm in diameter, 7.2mm thick. I love the clean, polished look of this piece! This incredible, unique piece would make a wonderful Mother's Day Gift!
    BERING 32426-765 Ceramic Women's Watch BERING 32426-765 Ceramic Women's Watch
  • Bering 32339-788 Men's Watch with Black Stainless steel with Day, Date, 23 hour subdials This masculine piece boasts sub-dials for the day, date, and 24-hour time telling. With a band made of brushed grey stainless steel and ceramic, this watch would make an excellent Father's Day gift or birthday present. The black with blue dial, protected by the line's Sapphire Crystal Glass (39mm), is accentuated with white square dial markers and luminescent black hands.
    BERING 32339-788 Men's Watch BERING 32339-788 Men's Watch
  • Bering 10729-642 Ladies Watch with Minimalist Black dial and black ceramic bezel with red hands and red leather band Perfect for an enchanting night out on the town, this watch boasts a red calfskin leather band accentuated by the classic, glittering stainless steel (29 mm) attaching the black analog dial. Although there are no dial markers to this watch, the fabulous red stick hands make for easy time-telling for any woman!
    BERING 10729-642 Ladies Watch BERING 10729-642 Ladies Watch
  • Bering 10725-742 Women's Watch with Round Silver Steel case and black ceramic bezel with crystals and stainless steel and black ceramic band This beautiful women's watch is probably my favorite from the collection. Not only does this classic piece feature the brand's signature Sapphire Crystal Glass, it also boasts a Round Silver Stainless Steel case (25mm diameter), and a quartz movement with two hand functionality. The Sapphire Crystal Glass protects an Analog Black dial featuring gorgeous Swarovski dial markers. The band is made of a combination of black and silver stainless steel and ceramic. This beauty is water-resistant up to 165 feet! I highly recommend this timeless piece- a true must have for any woman!
    BERING 10725-742 Ladies Watch BERING 10725-742 Ladies Watch
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