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Authorized Dealer

Authorized Dealer, what does it mean?

Watch companies take years developing some of their timepieces. Because of this, they are also very stringent on to whom they make an Authorized Dealer.  Dealers have an added responsiblity of not just selling a watch, but educating the customer on the piece and how to properly take care of it.

We are proud authorized dealers of every watch brand we carry at

Benefits of shopping from an Authorized Dealer - Manufcaturer Warranty and Box

  1. Manufacturer Warranty and Box - As authorized dealers, all of our watches comes with the manufacturer warranty.  You can shop confidently knowing each watch is 100% authenthic and not altered in any way.
  2. Complete Selection - As Authorized Dealers, we showcas the full selection of every brand we carry.  This allows you to see the full line and make an informed decision.  We carry the latest models and the best selling items.
  3. Direct from Factory - We purchase directly from each brand, their is no middle-man.  You can be 100% confident each watch is brand-new, 100% authenthic and with original factory parts. Beware, some online retailers that are not authorized delaers will sell you counterfeit, black market or used watches.

Full Factory Warranty

All of our watches come with factory warranty, we don't need to provide you our own warranty or a third party warranty.  You can rest assured if something goes wrong with the timepiece, you are sending it back directly to the manufacturer who will fix it using one of their service centers. This not only guarantees quality craftmanship but you will not receive a watch back without approved factory parts since they will be doing the repairs.

If you purchase a watch from not an authorized delaer or closeout site, if something goes wrong the manufactuer will not warranty the watch.  You need to be able to prove that you purchased from an Authorized dealer.

110% Price Protection

We price our products as low as our brand partners allow. Nobody selling authentic watches can beat us. We're so confident in this statement that we offer 110% Price Protection on all of our products.

About Manufacturer Warranties and why the dealer needs to be authorized

Manufactuer Warranties are not valid unless purchased from Authorized dealers requiring the original purchase receipt and/or the warranty card to be stamped by the dealer.

Unauthorized or Grey Market Dealers will leave the warranty card out all together, will include a blank one, or will include one that was stamped by some other dealer. The manufacturer may require you to provide a copy of your receipt which matches the dealer on the warranty card. Unauthorized "Grey Market" Dealers can NOT stamp and validate your manufacturer's warranty.

Grey Market Dealer Warranties?

When purchasing from "grey market", please be careful. "Grey Market" Dealers cannot offer a validated manufacturer's warranty. Instead they offer their own or a third-party warranty. These third-party warranties have several potential problems:

  • Most major watch companies restrict parts distribution to authorized service centers ONLY. If a product needs a part (and every watch does eventually need service and parts), you are stuck. These companies are offering to fix watches for which they have no access to spare parts. Their guarantees are worthless.
  • The warranty may not match the manufacturer’s warranty in terms of duration or coverage.
  • The retailer does not use factory-certified technicians and may not know how to properly service the product.
  • If the retailer goes out of business, you have no warranty at all.

Readily Available Products & Knowledgeable Customer Service

Virtually all unauthorized "Grey Market" Dealers advertise products on their websites that they do not have in stock and cannot readily obtain. Just because they show a picture and a price, doesn't mean they have that product. When you order from them, they will put your order in back-order status or try to switch you to a different model.They will then scramble, looking for the best deal to fill your order, not carrying if it is original or in perfect mint condition.

Also, these dealers do not have the same manufacturer resources and knowledge that an Authorized Dealer does and are therefore typically not as knowledgeable about the products they sell.

Genuine, Unaltered Products

Where DO Unauthorized "Grey Market" Dealers get their products? This is the mystery question and the one that should scare you the most.

They may have a friend who owns a watch store that is willing to part with a watch or two, just to move some inventory out the door. From here, the serial numbers are usually scratched off so the origin of the piece cannot be identified. Any authorized dealer caught "selling out the back door" risks losing its agency (the manufacturer will close their account), so they remove the numbers from the case to obscure the watch's history. Some Unauthorized Dealers may be selling replicas and may not even know it sometimes! Other Grey Market Dealers are selling old, refurbished or factory closeout models.