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Ingersoll Watches

Ingersoll Watches  

About Ingersoll Watches

Brothers Robert Hawley Ingersoll and Charles Henry Ingersoll opened a mail order business in New York City in 1882. In 1892, the first watches were introduced in the Ingersoll catalogue with the goal of providing a timepiece which everyone could afford. In that year, the Ingersoll Brothers with Henry Ford innovated and developed the auomated production line process for watches.

The 'Dollar Watch" was born and went on to sell over 40 million unit by being able to provide first mass produced pocked watch to the public at the revolutionary price of $1US (a day's wage at that time.)

Over 120 years since Ingersoll was launched, eye-catching design, reliable mechanics and incredible value for money remain the hallmarks of Ingersoll watches.

"A History of Timepiece Innovation since 1892"