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Learn how does 'Surgical Stainless Steel' protect Bering watches -- in less than 3 minutes.

Five Ways Surgical Steel Protects Your Bering Watch

Bering watches look good on you because they are slim and sleek, with classic Scandinavian design. But why does Bering use stainless steel in many Bering watches? Is it because it's tough? or is it because its good looking? Bering watches uses surgical stainless steel for these 5 reasons.

1. Surgical stainless steel resists corrosion

Let's cut through the geek speak surrounding stainless steel. Bering uses 316L surgical stainless steel in its watches. That may not mean much to you, but 316L is a low-carbon form of stainless steel -- less than 0.03% carbon, in fact, which makes it resistant to corrosion problems. Molybdenum has also been added to the steel to give it even greater corrosion resistance. That means 316L can be welded at high temperatures with fewer grain boundaries, or tiny cracks in the weld where chromium carbide precipitates (the aforementioned grains) might allow corrosion to enter.

316L is also known as marine-grade steel and is used in diving and other marine equipment because it's resistant to pitting damage from seawater. If you live near the ocean or in an area with high humidity, your Bering watch will last ... and last ... and last without a speck of rust or oxidization.

Other companies make less expensive stainless steel watches, but they use lower grades of steel that corrode more easily and aren't magnetic resistant. Most luxury watch makers used 316L, although some use the higher grade 904L, which uses more expensive nickel and copper in the alloy.

2. Stainless Steel is stick proof and heat proof

The same low-carbon properties that make 316L stainless steel corrosion resistant also make it less magnetic than lower-grade steels. While you're not likely to be standing next to an electromagnet and get sucked up by your watch, magnetic resistance keeps it from being easily scratched or dented.

316L is the only steel used in reactor pressure vessels for boiling water nuclear reactors because of its heat and corrosion resistance. Because stainless steel doesn't conduct heat or electricity, your watch stays cool even during stressful meetings when you might get a little hot under the collar.

3. It's tough but flexible

The stainless steel used in Bering watches is one of the strongest grades -- it's made to take a beating in almost any environment. It's the same steel used in surgical equipment and in medical pins, screws, and even hip and knee implants. It's also used in construction and in food preparation equipment, especially that used in high salt environments.

One of the benefits of using low-carbon stainless steel is that the steel doesn't deform easily when under mechanical stress, a problem known as creep. That means once 316L stainless steel is shaped into watches and watch bands, it retains its shape better than other materials or grades of stainless. It also makes it tough to dent. And because it's unplated and has a very low nickel content, stainless steel is perfect for those sensitive to other metals that might be used in plating.

4. It's classic

From the art deco upper part of the Chrysler Building, which opened in 1930 and is still striking today, to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, which opened more than half a century ago and still gleams, stainless steel is a classic building material, known for its strength, low maintenance, and lustrous good looks. Numerous buildings and monuments around the world are made from stainless steel or wrapped in it, making a striking, long-lasting statement, and it was once ubiquitous on diners.

It doesn't oxidize or turn black. That means your Bering watch won't turn your skin green or look dirty after extended wear. You may even be able to hand it down to your grandchild with its good looks intact.

With their minimalist Scandinavian design and cool high-tech looks, these watches won't go out of fashion in a month -- or even several years.

5. It keeps its looks

With relatively little maintenance, stainless steel helps Bering watches keep their good looks for a lifetime. And what looks they are -- Danish design inspired by the cool colors of the Arctic that's always elegant but never fussy, a slim case, a high-tech hypoallergenic ceramic coating that gives the watch a silky smooth feel, and scratch-resistant sapphire glass so you never need to squint through a foggy crystal to see the time.

Because the steel isn't plated, it won't crack or chip over time, allowing it to retain its luster.

The latest Bering designs feature icy Arctic pastels, elegant watch faces with or without time indications, and styles for for women and men that look great whether you're wearing formal attire for a night at the opera or jeans and sneakers for running errands around town.

Check out our selection and let us help you find exactly the right Bering watch for you.

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